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Product Research

In order to stay ahead of business technology challenges, Experis Solutions platform group seeks out marketplace pain, problems and challenges. Following a quite rigorous protocol, they begin by looking for marketplace insights into these challenges. When they find big and pervasive problems that do not currently have a reliable or suitable existing alternative, they embark on a journey to explore potential solutions.

In the first phase of their research they explore the pain, looking to understand how customer solve the pain today, and what areas are very painful but are not perhaps being addressed. They create a pain statement and develop a hypothesis that they then try to validate.

In the process of exploring pain and validating their hypothesis, the look to the marketplace for help.

You can participate in the research by answering surveys, taking exploratory calls, and volunteering for our Proof of Concept validation calls. All of these are research only. There is no sales or marketing focus. The research team guards carefully our willing participants so that you feel comfortable as a participant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Our platform group guards our participants, which sometimes come to us through our sales and engagement teams, but by being a volunteer participant you are in now way inviting sales or marketing contacts. It is purely marketplace research.

That's a great question. Here are a few benefits to you and your business:
- insights into our findings, that might help you solve some of your existing problems.
- early adopter access to new products and services.
- in certain cases, rewards. IE. Gift cards, curated goods, and early adopter product discounts.

Current Research Projects

  • B2B Website as a service : Made-to-Measure, pattern-based websites for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Currently in stage 3 (MVP), looking for makeover candidates in manufacturing, supply-chain, and distribution. The ideal candidate will receive at no cost a new B2B best practice pattern based website, made-to-measure, including a no-cost year on our completely technology platform.
  • Analytics Dashboards - A fast path to surfacing, collating, analysing and displaying disparate business data for the purpose of developing actionable insights to improve the business. Currently in stage 3 (MVP) building out their MVP, looking for validation calls and early adopters.
  • Migrating to R for research based companies - An onboarding and training service that enables research organizations to train their staff on how to migrate some of their analytical services to certified open-source technology platforms. Currently in stage 2 validating their business model. Looking for candidates to take calls to help them validate their hypothesis.

If any of these interest you or your business, reach out and lets chat.