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TrueStart Assessment

Important IT and business improvement projects can get stalled when a team knows the end goal but not the path to get there or wants another point of view to make sure the approach is the best choice. In a TrueStart Assessment, Experis Solutions provides expert analysis and consulting to deliver a clear, reliable roadmap for the future success of a client’s critical IT and business initiatives.Drawing on decades of experience in implementing technical and business improvements, we carefully define requirements and objectives to mitigate risk and accelerate success. Operating as a partner to our clients, Experis Solutions designs TrueStart Assessments to deliver high-value, high-quality results.

A TrueStart assessment applies to many kinds of initiatives, such as

  • Software Integration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Process Optimization
  • Cross-Platform Strategy
  • Tools Selection and Implementation

Using a methodology refined with clients in many industries, Experis Solutions conducts three phases in the assessment to deliver thorough and actionable results:

Discovery - Experis Solutions documents a client’s current state and objectives through surveys, inventories, stakeholder interviews, and workshops to:

  • Establish Requirements
  • Create User Stories and Document Use Cases
  • Determine Implementation Strategy
  • Document Growth Expectations and Migration Needs
  • Generate Content for Initial Backlog

Analysis - Our seasoned analysts examine several areas of the business and technical needs, such as:

  • Current inventory – data, content, technologies, and more
  • Migration Paths
  • Business Needs
  • Governance and Workflows
  • SWOT Analysis•Organizational Readiness
  • Gap analysis

Delivery- Experis Solutions provides a practical, pragmatic set of recommendations based on the assessment. Depending on the client’s needs, these include:

  • Gap Analysis with clear suggestions to close those gaps
  • Implementation strategy, including a high-level project plan
  • Roadmap, including resource recommendations and budget projections
  • Downstream analysis highlighting future considerations for the client