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Test Automation Proof-of-Concept

Test automation increases the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of software testing. It is especially necessary and valuable when there is continued effort involved in running the same tests repeatedly.

Experis Solutions is a leader in test automation for global clients, backed by decades of experience. Our Test Automation Proof-of-Concept services provide clients with a collaborative, accelerated approach to functional testing. This empowers our clients to increase release velocity and reduce time to market and overall testing effort, resulting in significant return on investment (ROI).

Our Test Automation POC services helps an organization reduce costs and improve the quality and accuracy of testing. To be successful, test automation needs to support business objectives. It requires careful planning, preparation, specialized skills, execution, control, and infrastructure management.

Assessment and ROI Analysis

Experis Solutions identifies opportunities and recommends best practices; defines automation strategy and sets up workflow; and develops proof-of-concept (POC), estimation, and ROI.

Tool Evaluation and Recommendations

We analyze cost, support, usability, and more; compare commercial and open source software; and determine compatibility and integration.

Framework Implementation

Experis Solutions uses prebuilt frameworks, defines test automation frameworks to automate testing of all systems in a business process, and migrates test automation tools from one platform to another.

Scripting and Maintenance

With our Test Automation Factory, we establish a regression suite to cover all business-critical workflows, maintain an automation backlog, and prioritize candidate test cases.

Training and Mentoring

Through our training program, we grow test resource expertise and centralize knowledge base, implement custom training programs, and raise the organizational level of automation maturity.