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Sprint-to-MVP is a productized service that combines the nimbleness of a lean startup business and the adaptive, evolving, and continuous improvement of agile methodology.

We like to say that "Sprint-to-MVP is where the MVP is more than just a milestone, it is the goal."

Why do we say this? Because in Sprint-to-MVP the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the outcome. It is the place we take you, so that you can validate the idea, and see if it moves you towards what you hoped it would.

That said, Sprint-to-MVP isn’t the end, it is just the beginning. Once the MVP is realized, you can take the MVP, refined backlog, and the rhythm of the sprints and continue to build and innovate on top of the MVP. In some circumstances, the MVP was truly all that you needed.

Experis Solutions currently leverages Sprint-to-MVP in our Digital Experience and Software Engineering teams.

  • The Sprint-to-MVP Online Marketing Platform is B2B custom websites in a managed platform (hosting and Content Management). Learn more here at
  • Sprint-to-MVP in Software Engineering is a set number of Sprints to get to a Minimum Viable Product.