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Quality Assurance Assessment

Agile practices, advances in automation, and the need to deliver better quality faster has put immense pressure on software development and testing teams. Technologies continue to evolve as do the methods and knowledge needed to test them.

Experis provides quality assurance assessments to remove the hurdles to better delivery that our clients face. Bringing our decades of expertise to the table, we partner with clients to understand how they handle testing. We work to ensure that their methods are effective and efficient. We examine gaps to identify the root causes of issues – and recommend tactics to close those gaps.

Experis performs detailed analysis on several areas of QA, including:


  • Skill Analysis. We review the testing team’s abilities to see it they can support QA goals. If there are gaps, we identify what’s need to close them, or what additional resourcing is needed.
  • Test Knowledge. Experis has the expertise to evaluate a client’s resources to rank their QA knowledge. We recommend mentoring and training to upskill talent.


  • Software Development Lifecycle Review. Experis examines a client’s end-to-end process to see if testing is happening at the right time to deliver quality.
  • Test Strategy. We examine where approaches to testing can be optimized.


  • Automation. Experis determines if the right tools are in place to support effective test automation.
  • Test Management. Based on a client’s unique development environment, Experis recommends tools to better manage QA activities.
  • Defect Tracking. Defects can’t be fixed if you don’t know what they are. We share best practices and technologies to clearly track defects with prioritization in mind.

Valuable Advice to Accelerate Quality Delivery

Based on our extensive review, Experis creates a maturity scorecard detailing the findings on more than 20 key points where testing and QA can go wrong. The scorecard clearly shows where improvements need to be made so clients can take quick action on the highest-impact items.
As part of the assessment deliverables, Experis provides clients with a detailed roadmap of the actions they should take to reach their QA goals. The roadmap includes recommendations for all types of improvements, with timelines and prioritization for fast results.