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Managed Test Service

Delivering quality code requires frequent and effective testing but having the capacity to do so can be a challenge.Experis Solutions provides managed services in testing to improve efficiency, improve processes, and supporta client’s efforts to deliver better products to market.

Improve Quality, Reduce Costs, and Shorten Test Cycles

Experis Solutions fully manages software testing for clients, taking on test administration,execution, and delivery. We develop a strategy that aligns to the organization’s vision, centralizes its test efforts, incorporates modern test methodologies,and implements a cohesive test approach that minimizes quality risks.We take on testing so you can focus on development.

Test Management and Execution

Using risk-based testing principles, real-world business tests, and complex test scenarios, we keep teams focused on the most critical product components while maintaining complete test coverage.In our highly collaborative governance model, we use metrics to monitor success:

  • Progress–Project status, including how well tests have been completed;reviewed once-a-sprint or more.
  • Product quality–Where the highest level of defects are and at what percent and severity they are being generated.
  • Process–Determining if we’re writing the right tests in the right area to find bugs hidden deep within the code; improving efficiency to optimize testing.
  • Forecasting–Planning, scheduling,and resource mapping.

Test Automation

Our automation framework streamlines the process of automated acceptance and regression testing.We use Agile methods and DevOps processes such as continuous integration/continuous delivery(CI/CD)to increase efficiencies and reduce time on task for testing while increasing test coverage.

Testing Tool Assessment

Experis Solutions assesses a client’s test tools and processes to identify efficiency gaps and establish areas for optimization. By implementing Testing Center of Excellence practices, Experis Solutions establishes product-quality standards and measures test effectiveness. We use quality metrics to identify high-risk areas and report on existing levels of product quality.

Testing Center of Excellence

Experis Solutions establishes a Testing Center of Excellence tailored to a client’s development environment and requirements to deliver unified,consistent testing processes that align to business goals.