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Language Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to share your message across the globe.

In today’s global marketplace, delivering an impactful message to diverse audiences around the world is critical. Whether launching a new product in 30 countries or ensuring employees in your global offices understand company policies, crafting effective communications that resonate with your target audience in every language is essential to your success.

Experis Language Solutions brings over 25 years of experience designing and delivering language solutions. Our deep experience and worldwide footprint within a global workforce solutions company affords us exceptional insight into many cultures and work environments so we can provide our customers with a holistic approach to creating and delivering impactful communications.

Our custom solutions range from strategy development for international messaging, to managing and vetting bilingual workforce teams, to adapting customer products for global markets through localization. We employ industry best practices to drive efficiencies by helping our customers transform their digital workflows to optimize content translation. With over 175 languages provided, Experis Language Solutions is your go-to resource for comprehensive global language services throughout the content lifecycle.

Global Resources with Local Expertise

With more than 3,100 offices in 80 countries and territories as part of ManpowerGroup, we offer solutions around the corner or across the globe. We deliver services in 175 languages through our Global Delivery Centers and our network of indigenous language and localization specialists. Our services include:

Experis blends expert human talent with state-of-the-art translation memory technologies to deliver optimized, scalable translation and multilingual publishing services. Experis offers a full range of language services, including:
- Content translation, multilingual publishing, cultural adaptation, technical support, quality control and language services project management expertise
- Cutting-edge translation memory technology for optimum consistency, faster translation turnarounds and cost savings for clients
- Proven, documented and audited Translation Quality Assurance and Vendor Management Programs
- Job-tracking and comprehensive scheduling software for efficient and cost-effective project management, reporting and metrics

Our Localization Engineering team brings decades of experience in projects ranging from simple string translation to full software localization. Experis delivers:
- Comprehensive project management of all linguistic, engineering, programming and testing phases, including 24-hour online access to project tracking and reporting
- Proven in-house technical experience localizing content in diverse formats, including .NET, C++, HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, CGI and emerging programming languages
- Customized localization services for Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms as well as hardware-based localization projects
- Full technical support throughout the software localization lifecycle: decompiling, text extraction/parsing, integration, dialog resizing, recompiling, builds and usability testing

Experis produces fully localized multimedia and eLearning projects in all the most in-demand formats and codecs. Our language services team handles everything from simple narration to complete eLearning course localization. With our in-house studio and partners around the world, we offer a complete solution to our clients who want to reach a global audience:
- Full or partial localization of online courses, including translation/localization, in-country SME review, cultural adaptation, voice-over/dubbing, captioning/subtitling, engineering and testing/quality control
- Voice-over and dubbing
- Captioning and subtitling
- On-screen text replacement and animation

Localization costs less and delivers better results when it’s well planned and executed. At Experis, our experienced team of localization industry experts helps our clients improve their business processes, resourcing and quality. We analyze existing processes, diagnose issues and recommend improvements that increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve global communication.
- Resource, process and system assessments
- Workflow optimization
- Source content readability and translatability reviews
- Training on writing for a global audience
- Tools and automation analysis and guidance

Experis provides telephone interpretation to facilitate multilingual conversations in over 200 languages. This on-demand service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone, giving our clients immediate access to trained professional interpreters whenever the need arises. The rates are reasonable and the response time is fast for both audio and video calls.
- No setup fee, one flat per-minute rate and no monthly minimum
- 9 seconds average connect time for audio calls in over 200 languages
- 25 seconds average connect time for Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) sessions
- VRI service covers 20+ foreign languages plus American Sign Language (ASL)
- Telephone interpretation breaks down barriers to communication. Contact us to learn more about our telephone interpretation services.

ManpowerGroup Public Sector provides foreign language services that are tailored to the specialized requirements of U.S. Government agencies. Our services include placement of cleared linguists, content translation, audio/video transcription for Title III investigations and Human Language Technology testing/implementation. Learn more about ManpowerGroup's Public Sector expertise and solutions.