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Cloud Enablement Essentials

Experis Cloud Enablement Essentials (CEE) is an innovative methodology to provide our clients with a purpose-built, secure, and innovative cloud platform. CEE solves the challenges clients face with new or existing cloud deployments to promote adoption and innovation and address cultural resistance due to the lack of cloud expertise and misconceptions of cloud security.

Discovery and Planning - Leverages our proprietary TrueStart Assessment process to provide a reliable and actionable path to the cloud. Experis will formally document the objectives that will deliver a secure and purpose-built cloud. Cloud professionals will host discovery workshops with client stakeholders to assess current cloud state and readiness, along with inventorying digital assets to evaluate and determine the optimal cloud architecture with an actionable project plan.

Architecture and Governance - Leveraging expertise from our cyber security and infrastructure practice along with established best practices, Experis professionals will build a cloud architecture and establish governance practices to address current and future needs.

CEE’s cloud architecture will address each client’s unique requirements and deliver the framework for innovation, technology modernization, and future capabilities. Our architecture provides our client with a secure, resilient, and fully operational modern cloud infrastructure.

The cloud changes how technologies are adopted, managed, and governed. Experis’ cloud professionals will develop and enable governance practices that complement existing policies and promote cloud adoption and innovation. Cloud governance will focus on the disciplines of cost management, deployment, consistency, identity, and security.

Build and Optimize - Experis cloud professionals will prepare and build the essential cloud framework based on the accepted architecture and governance practices that have been established. Our build process will leverage simple automation using native tool sets to deploy the essential elements of the cloud framework. CEE delivers the following essential elements:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Network
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Backup and Recovery

Operationalize - Experis Solutions will work with our client to efficiently shift business
processes for alignment within the new cloud architecture and operations. Our professionals work side by side with the client to ensure the seamless transition to the cloud. Alternatively, Experis Solutions can offer our clients comprehensive cloud operations solution.