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Our customers are talking about us


As the saying goes, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating," or in these cases, customers experiencing our products and services.

We work hard to make products and productized services that stand in the gap when our clients are finding it difficult to get a job done. We take the more challenging "do it yourself (DIY)" jobs and replace them with expertly crafted "done for you (D4Y)" solutions.


Dell Technologies

Working with Experis has been a great experience. We needed to transition from an archaic manual process to a web based application...and that task seemed overwhelming. The challenge was met with a comprehensive “let’s make this happen” attitude. The team is highly skilled, yet patient with our occasional ignorance. It’s clear they truly enjoy their work. This entire process has been a true collaboration. It has been & continues to be an absolute pleasure working with this team."

~ Gary Moore, Manager, Global Product Placement

  • Job-to-be-done: Monitor, track and manage product placement in the media (TV, FIlm, etc).
  • Problem to solve: Archaic, manual process of tracking was too much of a burden.
  • Solution: Modern Web-based application that would make the job to be done easier, and more reliable.

Experis Solutions Products Used

An Agile project quick start where the process and the roadmap are true.

Software Engineering
Expert level software, web, application, and mobile development and integrations

Northwest Lineman College

"Experis Solutions is truly an experienced and nimble partner to NLC. Their ability to add domain insight and expertise helped us drive our opportunity and delivery process to the next level. Experis quickly built subject matter expertise while executing in a changing environment. Their capabilities, strategic thinking and tactical execution was a powerful asset throughout the engagement."

~ Mike Pepin, Vice President, Strategic Solutions

  • Job-to-be-done: Build a sustainable and repeatable delivery approach to support a new product
  • Problem: Not enough DIY domain expertise and how to scale the process in-house.
  • Solution: Identify, implement, and deploy learning and development process improvements to create product scale and optimize product delivery.

Experis Products Used

Digital Transformation
Onboarding and enabling digital technology in a way that transforms and improves the business, making it more nimble, more responsive, and modern.

Cisco Systems

“Experis is a great partner, engaging the right solution - with seasoned subject matter experts - that enables us to provide outcomes and value our customers expect!”

~ Rohit Choudary, Director, Customer Delivery

  • Job-to-be-done: Create a Security Operations Center for key clients providing active threat analytics and response.
  • Problem: Lacked enough qualified domain experts due to a global cyber security talent shortage.
  • Solution: Qualified Cyber Security Analysts and Investigators with completed and/or pending credentials.

Experis Solutions Products Used

Integrated Project Team
Flexible, cost-effective outsource teams, projects or services. Helps clients save money and reduce workload by outsourcing responsibility for performance management of non-core functions freeing managers and staff to manage the company’s core business.


"Experis Solutions accelerated our project. They were reliable and responsive in their delivery while focusing on our critical success factors of velocity, quality and culture"

~ Moses Mendoza, Sr. Director of Engineering

  • Job-to-be-done: Replace DIY in-house data processing and search solution with a partner’s commercial product in a small window of opportunity.
  • Problem: Lack of skilled development capacity to accomplish the project in the short timeframe.
  • Solution: Prioritize a suitable backlog, complete the development in the shortest possible time.

Experis Solutions Products Used

An Agile project assessment and quick start where the process and the roadmap are true.

Rapid development model where the MVP is more than a milestone, is the objective

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