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Case Studies – Examples of Problems Solved

Every business has jobs to be done. Getting them done can sometimes stray beyond existing expertise, experience, and capacity. In that case, help is needed. Seeing how others solve the problem parts of the job is helpful.

If you like our approach to problem solving, then you will want to see examples of our work—problems we’ve solved and how we did it. These are our case studies. Small examinations of real marketplace pain and how a solution to the pain was approached, and then resolved using our products and services.

Test and Continuous Quality — Testing Assessment and Proof of Concept

One of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies wanted to implement a behavior driven development (BDD) test automation strategy and framework for its Salesforce application portfolio.

Technical Services – Service Desk Support Team

A global technology company needed to quickly establish deskside support (DSS) for more than 10,000 end users in 10 diverse sites. It needed a partner to transition its existing DSS team.

Cyber Security – Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Close-up view of computer keyboard
A regional hospital and healthcare provider with multiple small, medium, and large facilities wanted to determine where their facilities, services, and information were susceptible to a motivated attacker.