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Products and Services to fit the gap

For certain technology disciplines and business pain many businesses do not have the domain knowledge or capacity to get jobs done themselves. Perhaps, they never will. We believe that a product or service is sometimes better suited to fill this gap to complete the job.

At Experis Solutions this is our focus. We build products and services to address gaps in challenging IT “jobs to be done.”

A home-based workforce

Who knew a global pandemic was coming?

Just as the COVID challenge was hitting the workplace, we were silently releasing a new product.

HomeDesk is our remote technology product and service that addresses a common information technology challenge: enabling the home-based or remote workforce.

We took an existing center of excellence where we delivered an expert level tier of support to one of our major customers using an entirely remote team and technology stack. That was the beginning of HomeDesk.

When existing alternatives aren’t sufficient

When our clients find that existing alternatives are not sufficient for some difficult IT jobs. Doing it themselves wasn’t the way to go. That is when we step in with products and services for those difficult jobs to be done. Below are a few of our most active products.

Learn About Our Newest Products.

Done for You (D4Y)

One of the hallmarks of our new design process is creating products that fit the gap between DIY and existing alternatives. Each product comes from an examination of the jobs you are trying to do and finding the challenging ones where a product can address the need. Below are our most recent releases.

Customer Support Desk Technology and Teams

Based on a successful managed support service running for a global software brand, this product provides remote support technology and / or support teams, so you don’t have to.

Custom B2B Website in shortest possible time

The first of several related products, this made-to-measure B2B website product gets you to a best practice, MVP business website in 6 weeks, on a managed platform, so you don’t have to.

Agile Ready Software Development Backlog

From a vague notion to a refined backlog in 6 weeks, TrueStart is already off to a fast start with several clients taking advantage of our agile Sprint Zero, preparing the backlog, so you don’t have to.

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